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Jeroen Huisman

Although he considers himself a conceptual artist, connected to a wide range of expressive media, Jeroen Huisman (1964) is hooked to photography for quiet some time now. Ever since he began his personal investigation of the city space in his Fragmented City archive (2000), he evolved into a photographer with a rather sensitive eye.


He believes that many aspects of photography, such as field division, the sensitivity of watching, the uncertain tonal behaviour of film, but also the physical ratio and attitude to a subject, can be seen as qualities that can cope with aspects of painting. Jeroen Huisman tries to emphasize these creative aspects in the process of photo making.

Shortly, Huisman's photo work is about the fragmentation of the urban landscape in relation to the sensitivity of watching. Being purely a walking photographer he wants to lift out specific urban situations he simply walks by, changing futile or inconspicuous data into new and unforeseen experiences. He is a photographer who focuses on the intimate folds of the city, looking for things or situations that have changed in meaning and function over time, or which can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the onlooker's attitude. Huisman never touches or changes his subjects and leaves them as he finds them.

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